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The Jaguars announce the team will play four games in London beginning in 2013

Mayor Alvin Brown’s Blog

Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mayor Alvin Brown joined Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll to announce that the Jaguars would be playing annual games in the United Kingdom for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons.

“This is a tremendous vote of confidence from the NFL leadership. We should all be proud of everything Mr. Khan and the Jaguars have done to energize this team,” said Mayor Brown. “The Jaguars mean so much to our community, our culture and our economy. For nearly two decades, the Jaguars have been a window into Jacksonville for sports fans throughout the nation. I couldn’t be more excited to see this opportunity expand in a major market overseas.”

Khan was excited for the news, saying that the Jaguars will be a bold and ambitious NFL franchise: “This is a priceless opportunity to share the business, tourism and lifestyle story of Jacksonville with international audiences, and I know it will give the Jaguars a unique and powerful identity within the league and beyond.”

Commissioner Goodell said: “Our goal is to continue to grow the game, and this commitment by the Jacksonville Jaguars represents a major step forward in our international efforts. We have had a tremendously positive reaction to our sport in the U.K. and we’re excited that the Jaguars are seizing this opportunity to raise the profile for the team as well as the Jacksonville community.”



Here’s the email sent out to season ticket holders with the news of moving games to London….

I am very proud to share the news that your Jacksonville Jaguars will be announced today as the featured home team in London as part of the NFL International Series.
Beginning in 2013, the Jaguars will play one of our regular season home games in Wembley Stadium through 2016 as part of the National Football League’s effort to grow the NFL brand throughout the world. The Jaguars and the entire Jacksonville community will be a centerpiece in the NFL’s efforts over these four seasons, and that’s a very exciting and rewarding development for all of us. My ambition is to make the Jaguars one of the signature franchises in the NFL and to see Jacksonville realize its full potential as a destination for commerce, tourism and living. An annual home game in London over four years, supported by initiatives in Jacksonville and throughout the United Kingdom to further develop our following, will help us achieve these goals and much more.
I am honored to welcome NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Jacksonville today to announce the news, and in the weeks to come the Jaguars will have more information for our fans, partners and friends in the community. I wanted you to hear the news from me directly, and I thank you for the consistent and impressive support you’ve given the Jaguars over the years. I know great things are ahead for the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Shad Khan

ACC Preseason picks by the media at the Football Kickoff

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Florida State, seeking its first league title since 2005, is the consensus choice to
win the Atlantic Division and to defeat Virginia Tech in the 8th Annual Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship
Game according to a poll of media members attending this week’s ACC Football Kickoff at the Grandover
Resort in Greensboro, N.C.
This is the second straight year that Florida State has been projected to win the ACC Football Championship,
as the Seminoles were tapped by the media last July to win the 2011 title. Clemson was the actual 2011
ACC Football Champion, defeating Virginia Tech 38-10 in the 2011 ACC title game in Charlotte.
Clemson sophomore wide receiver Sammy Watkins (Fort Myers, Fla.), who set ACC single-season freshman
records for receptions (82), reception yardage (1,219) and receiving touchdowns (12), was the choice
for Preseason Player of the Year. Watkins received 25 votes and nudged out Virginia Tech junior quarterback
Logan Thomas (Lynchburg, Va.) who had 21 votes. The Preseason Player of the Year ballotting was a close,
four-person race with Florida State senior quarterback EJ Manuel (Virginia Beach, Va.) coming in third with
19 votes and Watkins’ junior teammate, quarterback Tajh Boyd (Hampton, Va.), finishing fourth with 18.
The Seminoles of coach Jimbo Fisher, who finished second in the Atlantic last year, received 72 of 95 firstplace
votes in that portion of the balloting. Sixty of the 95 also said Florida State will prevail in the title game,
set for Dec. 1 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.
The Hokies, who have captured five of the seven Coastal Division crowns since the ACC went to divisional
play in 2005, got 83 votes in the Coastal election. Eighteen electors picked Virginia Tech to garner its fourth
ACC football championship in the last six years. Georgia Tech, which faces the Hokies in Blacksburg in the
season opener for both teams on Sept. 3, Labor Day Monday Night (ESPN, 8 p.m.), was chosen to finish second
in the Coastal with 10 first-place votes, while Clemson was projected as the runnerup in the Atlantic with
17 first-place votes.
ACC Championship Votes
1. Florida State……….. …………..60
2. Virginia Tech……… ……… …18
3. Clemson……………….. …….13
4. Georgia Tech ………………………..3
5. NC State ……………………………….1
Atlantic Division
1. Florida State (72) ………………543
2. Clemson (17) ………………….. 470
3. NC State (5) …………………….. 402
4. Wake Forest …………………….. 241
5. Boston College ………………… 181
6. Maryland ………………………… 148
Coastal Division
1. Virginia Tech (83) …………… 558
2. Georgia Tech (10)………… 328
3. North Carolina (2) ………….. 341
4. Virginia …………………………… 326
5. Miami………………… …… 245
6. Duke……………… ………… 104
ACC Player of the Year
1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson ………………………25
2. Logan Th omas, Virginia Tech ………………….21
3. EJ Manuel, Florida State ………………………….19
4. Tajh Boyd, Clemson ………………………………..18
5. Mike Glennon, NC State ………………………….. 5
6. David Amerson, NC State…………… …….. 3
7. Giovani Bernard, North Carolina………… .1
Bryn Renner, North Carolina…………. ….. .1
Tanner Price, Wake Forest……………. …… .1
Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech …………………………. 1
ACC Championship Game Predictions
1. Florida State over Virginia Tech ………………60
2. Virginia Tech over Florida State ………………12
3. Florida State over Georgia Tech ……………….. 4
4. Virginia Tech over Clemson …………………….. 3
Clemson over Georgia Tech ……………………… 3

Clemson Tiger Andre Branch is now a Jacksonville Jaguar

Post punter….the Jaguars take LB Brandon Marshall out of Nevada

Gregg the Bounty Hunter

   The New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams find themselves in hot water this week because of a bounty system set up by Williams while he was with the team.  Some reports say that Williams also set up similar bounty systems at the other teams that he has coached for, the Bills and Redskins have been mentioned by name.  In short, Williams had a pool of money that the defensive players could win by doing certain things during games.  Things like knocking the opposing quarterback out of the game which would reportedly earn a player somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500.  

    Over the course of the last several days former and current players have spoken out defending this practice of placing bounties on players heads.  Some have defended it as just being a part of football or that bounties are something that exist league wide.  True, virtually every team in the NFL probably has some pool of money that goes to whoever gets the next interception or sack or forced fumble, but does every team have a system of paying players to injure colleagues?  And even if they did does it make that practice any more acceptable?

    When I was young and I would do something stupid and defend my actions by saying that Joey or Jimmy was doing it too my parents, and I’m sure yours as well, would respond with the same type of answer.  “If everyone else was jumping off the Buckman Bridge would you jump off too?”  Here we are, adults, completely ignoring this lesson we had hammered into our heads as children.  What everyone else does is irrelevant.  Is what we are doing the right thing?  It wouldn’t matter if every team in the league was offering bounties for injuring other players.  That would just mean that every team in the league is wrong, not that they are right.  

    I believe that bounties for injuring other players stems from the idea of winning at all costs.  Taking Tom Brady out of the game when playing the Patriots gives you a better chance to win the game, but that doesn’t make it right to intentionally hurt Tom Brady.  Winning is not the ultimate good.  It seems to be taught as the only good though.  If kids that start playing pee wee football are told that winning is the only measure of success, and then that continues into middle school, high school and college football then what will those kids mentality be when they get to the NFL and are offered a bounty for taking out the oppossing teams quarterback?  

    I don’t want to monopolize too much of your time here on this post, but I simply want to point out something that hasn’t been pointed out in this whole “Bounty Gate” nearly enough.  The mentality that these players in the NFL have of wanting to hurt an opposing player to help their chances of winning is a product of the virtue of winning that is drilled into their heads from the time they put on a helmet.  There is nothing wrong with rooting for your child, your alma mater, or your favorite university, but lets put the focus back where it belongs.  Not on winning, but on playing the game the right way.  Some would argue that the NFL is about winning.  I would agree that at the professional level that it is about winning the game, but I would also argue that if they are taught to play the game the right way from the time they are young that these bounties wouldn’t be a part of the game.  Games would be won on merit.  Whoever is the better team on that day would prevail.  One of the tougher lessons to learn is how to lose, but it is an important one.  Sometimes, you lose, learn from it and grow, don’t play dirty to keep from having to face it.

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Jag fan worried about new trend!

This is a funny tweet from one of our great fans listening to XL PrimeTime on 1010XL, weekdays 10a-1p.

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It’s not about Tebowing,Gronking, or Bradying .. It’s all about Gabberting!


Be a Champion

We just had Kelli Coughlin on 1010XL on XL PrimeTime and she’s asking for fans to help if they can. Here’s the info…

This week, the Jay Fund is running the “Be A Champion” campaign. In an effort to help local children with cancer and their families, the Jay Fund is encouraging people to give a one-time gift of $46. People can go to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation Facebook page to find out more. People can go to their website, tcjayfund.org, to donate.

Tebow-mania, 1010 XL Style

Each Friday on the show we do the Nooner.  Ever since Tim Tebow took over the starting quarterback spot for the Denver Broncos against the Miami Dolphins we’ve had almost weekly fun trolling the internet for the latest tributes to Tim and we even added one of our own.  Well, Tim Tebow was eliminated from the NFL playoffs over the weekend and so we are going to do our own tribute to Tim on the Nooner this Friday, but we need your help to figure out ho.  Simply vote on the bits that we have had on the show over the course of the season that are included below.  We will include the song/tribute that receives the most votes in this weeks Nooner.  You can vote for up to three (3) of the options so don’t be shy.  Without further ado, here are your options:

Well…Now it is Our Bunch of Mularkey

The day that Jack Del Rio was fired by former owner Wayne Weaver brought up a whole slew of questions.  Some of those questions have been answered since then and some, such as exactly how good Shahid Khan could be for the organization, are still left to be answered.  Tonight, though, the first major decision by the new owner Mr. Khan and the seemingly unpopular GM Mike Smith was made.

The merits of how much a head coach really means in the NFL can be debated.  The bottom line is that the Jacksonville Jaguars have been to the playoffs just two times since their AFC Championship appearance in 1999, and they had to hit a home run with the next head coaching hire.  Is Mike Mularkey that home run?  Only time will tell on that one.

Here’s what we know about Mike Mularkey:  In his three years as an offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers (2001-2003) his offenses finished 3rd, 5th, and 22nd in the league.  After that Mularkey was hired as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.  His first season with the Bills showed some promise with the team winning their final six games and finishing with a 9-7 record in 2004 and the leagues 7th rated offense.  The next year, 2005, was not nearly as successful as the Bills found themselves with a QB dilemma and struggled to a 5-11 finish and after the season Mularkey resigned as head coach of the Buffalo Bills with a 14-18 record in two seasons saying that he didn’t agree with the direction of the team.  After spending one disappointing season as the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban with the Dolphins in 2006 and then one season as the tight ends coach with the Dolphins in 2007 Mularkey landed back on his feet in Atlanta with former Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Smith.  Mularkey has spent the last four seasons as the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons with this offense finishing 6th in 2008, 16th in 2009, 16th in 2010 and 10th this season.

We have seen NFL coaches who get a second chance as the head guy and have success.  A name like Bill Belichick comes immediately to mind, but for every coach who does bounce back from a bad experience and succeeds it seems that there are a list of coaches who continue to have little to moderate success the second and third and fourth time around.  While none of the names that were floating around the Jaguars coaching job were exciting, there were a bunch of candidates that all seemed pretty similar to one another from the outside looking in (Rob Chudzinski, Brian Schottenheimer Hacker’s man crush for the job who resigned from the New York Jets and reportedly wanted the Jaguars head coaching job).  Is Mike Mularkey the answer here in Jacksonville?  Can he develop Blaine Gabbert into the frachise QB that the organization keeps insisting that they see?  Does the second time around prove a charm for Mularkey?  Does this hire mean that Mel Tucker will still be kept on staff as the defensive coordinator?  Does the team upgrade the offense effectively this offseason?  Obviously there are a ton of big questions left to be answered.  I like the hire of Mike Mularkey and look at the success he has had an offensive coordinator and the limited success that he had while he was a head coach at a Buffalo team that hasn’t been a winner in two decades (that 2004 winning season is their only winning season since 1999) and I see promise.  The hire makes me hopeful.  I can see the upside which is a nice change of scenery after all of the negativity since last December when Del Rio’s team fell apart down the stretch.  What about you though?

Hopefully his playoff success here in Jacksonville is better than it was in Atlanta where the team went 0-3 over the last four years including a 24-2 drumming at the hands of the Giants last weekend…ouch.

Falcons Stuffed on 4th down…again

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